Hoover FH51000 Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH51000 Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner


If you have carpeted flooring or other types of rugs in your house, then you’ve either used carpet cleaning services to clean them or you’ve tried to do it by yourself and have spent hours just getting rid of a single stain.

People spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get their carpets cleaned up by the carpet cleaning services annually but even then they’ll complain about their carpets losing their softness and texture.

Cleaning carpets is not an easy chore if you are using outdated equipment or other traditional methods of cleaning it. Most people don’t clean their carpets for months because they don’t find it necessary since the dirt and dust accumulated in it can’t be seen with naked eye.

But believe it or not, hundreds and hundreds of skin infections and respiratory diseases are caused by the microorganisms taking refuge in your house’s carpets. These microorganisms range from harmless bacteria to dangerous fungi.

Knowing all the dangers these dirty carpets pose as well as how serious it is to not clean regularly has led consumers to look for a carpet cleaner that’s easy to carry as well as effective in doing what it does.



Introducing Hoover FH51000 Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner

This Hoover Carpet Cleaner assists you not only in your daily clean ups, but also helps you finish in minimum time possible. You won’t feel spent and tired out after cleaning with Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner.

It has powerful suction power combined with effective scrubbing power that uses dual tank technology to keep dirty water separated from the clean water.


While purchasing any product, it is important to not only read reviews and compare prices but also know about all the features offered by the manufacturer. Once you know about these features, you’ll understand whether the product suits your needs or not.

DualSpin Max Power Brushes

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner uses DualSpin Max power Brushes that targets dust particles deep within the carpet then lifts them up to be removed. The Carpet Cleaner’s brushes use strong bristles that are effective in deep cleaning the carpets.

hoover Deep Cleaning & Maximum Surface Area

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner covers a wide surface area that helps users to not only clean a surface but it also makes use of its Dual Spin Brushes as well agile design to do so. The product comes with cleaners that allow you to clean edge-to-edge leaving no spot untouched frits powerful Dual Spin Brush Rolls

2 in 1 Water Tank

While scrubbing, most people get frustrated while going back and forth to change water in the middle of cleaning. This adds into most people’s frustrations and tires them out easily.

Keeping this in mind, Hoover has introduced a water tank that has a wide of 1 gallon capacity to store water. This water is kept separated from the dirty water that gets accumulated throughout the clean up.

The water tank is designed in such a way that clean water doesn’t mix with the dirty water as well as the clean water combined with the powerful detergentformula helps clean the targeted stain on the carpet efficiently.

It is important to note that the dual tank technology makes the tank easier to fill and empty while cleaning.

Quick & Easy Drying Process

If you’ve been cleaning your house’s carpets for a while then you must have noticed how after a good scrubbing, it takes hours and sometimes days for a carpet to dry completely without looking like a mess.

Hoover understands basic customer needs and everyday problems and that’s why they’ve introduced new heat activated drying technology that not only helps to dry your scrubbed surface almost immediately but also doesn’t affect the texture if the carpet’s fibers.hoover

Lightweight, Design& Ease in Movability

The product weighs around 24.1 pounds and that’s why it is easy to move it around the house while cleaning. Its ergonomic design also adds to make it move around your house with incomparable ease, since it is so comfortable to hold.

Warranty & Pricing

You can easily compare prices of Hoover FH51000 Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner with other carpet cleaners similar to it. You’ll realize that Hoover offers the best price possible for their impressive product.


Cleaning carpets have always been described as tiring and time consuming and if one uses a carpet cleaning service, then it is also expensive. As more people and people become aware of how unhygienic it is to leave their carpets dirty, the need to buy equipment that cleans efficiently without consuming much time intensifies.

Hoover offers all that and more with their FH51000 Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner within the best price possible. So don’t wait too long to treat yourself or your wife by buying this carpet cleaner!


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