Hoover Total Home Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, UH74100 Review

If you are looking for a vacuum which is efficient in the pet hair removal category, the Hoover Total Home Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum UH74100 might be a good choice to consider. It has good power as well as enhanced suction for pulling the pet’s hair from hidden places. There is the on and off switch which is given for the brush roll. This feature comes in handy during the switching of different floors. While moving on to the hard floor after the application on carpets, this feature can be used. So, basically, the vacuum can be used on any type of floor types.


Hoover Total Home Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

Deep Cleaning:

When there is deep cleaning required on the carpet regions, the brush roll can be put on the ‘On’ mode. While going on to the hard floors, it can be turned off in order to eliminate the scattering of the dust.

In order to handle the deep-cleaning needs, there is the advanced action brush roll given to the vacuum cleaner. This will not only collect the dirt deposited on the corners but will also minimize the hair wrap around the region. To ensure that the allergens circulating in the air are removed, AllergenBlock Technology is put into place. In fact, this becomes useful in clearing out the pet odor too. So, if your pet seems to release constant odor, then having this vacuum cleaner will assist a lot. This is possible with the odor absorption filter. Since the odor absorbing filter has a carbon layer attached to it, the pet odor will be trapped to the vacuum. The filter will clear out the odor and release the cleansed air. AllergenBlock Technology alone is responsible for clearing out around ninety-seven percent of pet hair and dust. So pollen particles will not be roaming freely in the air now.

The cord will extend to around twelve feet radius. So anything within this specific range will be cleaned thoroughly. To make sure that the home cleaning is done efficiently, there are multipurpose pet tools given with the cleaner. There is also a dirt cup given along with the cleaner. Since this extra large in size, it can accommodate the accumulated dirt to a large extent.

Basically, there is a multi-floor cleaning capability given to the Hoover Total Home Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum. The effective designing made for the cleaning solutions from the Hoover Company shows a lot in this vacuum cleaner.

Added Benefits:

The extra large dirt cup alone comes with a capacity of 2.5L. Due to this spacious cup, there is a limited need for emptying the cup. The cleaning becomes easy as it can hold a good amount of dirt. The multipurpose pet tools are the ones which act on the dirt.

The stubborn stains and the pet hair can only be eliminated with the specific tools given with the vacuum. The brand name of the company and the standard it maintains gives an efficient result which will be satisfactory throughout. There is the extended reach cleaning feature made available in the Hoover Total Home Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum. With this feature, all the difficult regions and the hidden places can be reached and cleaned easily.

Signature Features:

The Hoover Bagless Upright Vacuum comes with something called Multi-Cyclonic Technology. This technology helps in providing a complete cleaning solution. This is possible with no loss of suction. The suction power of Hoover Total Home Pet is highly effective as it comes with WindTunnel Technology. This helps in cleaning all the dirt deposited in the surrounding. It also helps in clearing the dust as well as the pet hair flying around. To make sure that suction is effective, there is a four-level height adjustment given in the vacuum. This helps in sucking out the dirt in the areas which are difficult to reach. The extension of the power cord seems generous as it is around twenty-seven feet long.

The product has a decent time period for warranty where the limit is for three years. When looking into the test results of this product, it seems that the result is satisfying with a mere five percent for variability tolerance. The cleaning level is even down to 0.5 microns of the particles.

Extra Additions

Along with the upright vacuum in the box, there is also a crevice tool which is attached to this. To fulfill the needs for dusting, there is a dusting brush given along with this vacuum. Since this brush is flexible it makes the process of dusting easier. The set comes with a pet turbo tool. Apart from the pet turbo tool, there is also a pet turbo tool accessory clip given along with this.



This upright vacuum might not fit in the lightweight category but it sure does the job.

Overall, it seems to be a good option for people with pets.

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