Tactical Watch

Tactical Watch


Gone are the days when watches were only used to know the time. After the advent of cell phones, watches were no longer a necessity and receded to be just a fashion accessory. Over a span of just a few years, we have seen the evolution of watches from mere accessories to a necessity once more with new innovations in technology.

The smartwatch has taken this innovation in technology one step further. They can be considered a new form of mobiles, just lacking the communication aspect. The added features in smartwatches have made it trend in markets worldwide over.

Innovation and technology doesn’t just stop here as the latest watches to enter the market are tactical watches. These watches are specifically designed for people who are disciplined and need something to track their health routine.

Introducing T-Watch Shop:

Tactical watch shop is an online site that offers you the best deal on the tact watches possible. The watches they sell are the best ones that have state-of-the-art technology and are IP67 Certified. In addition to this, you are guaranteed a safe transaction as well as a 30 days money back guarantee on all their products.

What makes a tactical watch better than other watches?

T-watch is the new trendy smartwatch in the fashion industry. It is a style statement that’s surpasses fashion boundaries and cements its position as a useful connectivity tool. This new technology transcends everything we know about watches.

Following are the features that set tactical watch apart among its comrades:

Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4 & Increased Durability

Tactical watch uses one of the toughest glass materials for its screen that is Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It can withstand sudden falls and won’t get cracked after few drops. It can survive even the toughest conditions.

The Corning Glass technology is used in mobiles and other gadgets to avoid scratches and unfortunate breaks in the touchscreen. There are different versions of Corning Glass and each version is better than the previous one.

Corning Glass version 4 is the latest development in the series and is guaranteed to protect your tactical watch’s screen from any mishaps.

One of the many things that deter people from buying any kind of smartwatches or gadget is not being able to see the screen in sunlight. After all what use is your tactical watch if you can’t see its display outdoors? Fortunately, tactical watch is not your ordinary smartwatch as it is designed according to the needs of the masses.

The glass used in the tactical watch is cut in such a way from the edges that the display is visible in sunlight. You don’t need to keep looking out for shady areas just to be able to see your watch’s display.

Water resistant

Most smartwatches cannot resist water seepage into their body that leads them to malfunction way before than they should. Tactical watch not only resists water but uses waterproof designs and technology. The technology used in the tactical watches is state-of-the-art and can withstand any weather.

IP67 Certified

Most connectivity products are defined by their Ingress Protection (IP) number to inform how resistant they are to dust and water. The first number after IP tells about how resistant a product is against sand and dust and it ranges from 0 to 6. Here 0 means no resistance at all and 6 means completely resistant. The second number after IP tells the product’s resistance against liquids and the scale starts from 0 to 8. Zero on the scale means the product doesn’t show resistance against water and 8 means the product is completely waterproof.

Tactical watch is IP67 certified which means that it is tested and proved to be working for 30 minutes in 1m and 15cm of water. This product particularly can withstand water pressure up to 5ATM and is advised to not use in hot water. The product provides complete protection against sand and dust as well as offers one of the best waterproof protections.

The Long Lasting Battery

The common problem that many smartwatch users face is that they have to constantly change their battery as it runs out often. Tactical watch has a battery that lasts longer than the ordinary batteries used in different smartwatches.

Moreover, the battery has overall life of 33 months. So, you don’t need to keep track of your battery life as it is not only efficient, but it won’t lose its efficiency anytime soon.

Calories Counter and Pedometer

Tactical watch is convenient to use when it comes to keeping track of your calories. People who are health conscious want to be mindful of how much calories they consume. They will be facilitated the most by this feature.

One of the many features of tactical watch is keeping track of how much you walk. This information may not be useful for everyone but those who want to keep track of their daily physical exercise will surely love this feature.

Design & Aesthetics

Tactical watch has a trendy design that gives it an ‘in’ in the newest fashion scene. The watch display is round with a strap that’s anti-allergic and 26 mm in size. The product is designed for sportspersons and the like, which is why its design has that element dominant in it.

The product is available in more than one color such as burgundy, black and blue. Each color adds to the aesthetics of the watch’s design and makes it look elegant.

Why do we need an anti-allergic strap?

Most people are prone to allergic reactions due to different materials used for watch straps. These straps can cause serious damage to your skin. All this can be avoided if you use tactical watch as the material used for its strap is made while keeping in mind different skin conditions.

Connected with Social Media

In today’s world, social media has become a necessity for children, adults and teens alike. No matter who you are, you must own at least one social media account. That is why mobile phones are the most necessary items that people take with them wherever they go. It is used for communication, but it can’t be with you forever. You have to put it aside when you exercise or do any demanding physical work. On the other hand, tactical watches make it easy to stay connected with the world.

It is a convenient technology that keeps you updated with your social life. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter notifications will all be visible on your watch as the watch is connected to your mobile. Your social media will just be only one touch away. Not only that, you can Skype with your friends as it has remote control camera feature too.

Remote Control Camera

You can connect and control your camera through your tactical watch as it allows you to access cameras through Bluetooth. The device has a Bluetooth feature as well as a camera that can help you snap pictures or Facetime with your friends and family on the go. Though this feature is also available in many smartwatches, but tactical watches include everything in their design on a more advanced level. This is because these watches are made for professionals in different fields related to fitness and extreme body workouts.

Available Languages

Not all users who will buy this product will be a native English speakers, which is why the designers have included several different languages to accommodate people from around the world. The languages offered in the product are Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, Italian and Russian. You can change the watch’s setting according to your need.


The various languages offered for instructions make it easier to use. The seller targets a wider audience by making their products accessible from anywhere around the world. You can buy tactical watches and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Who should consider buying it?

These watches are perfect for military personnel, security personnel as well as sportsperson that need vigorous fitness in their line of work.

Smartwatches, are not very different from tactical watches, but they are not designed specifically for health conscious people. If you want to keep track of your health routine, then the tactical watch is the best watch for you.

Do you really need a tactical watch?

If you are still stuck on the old ways of counting calories and hours of exercise, then you are spending your time on a task that tactical watch can do within seconds. Are you mindful of how much you walk in a day? Or how much you eat and what you eat? Do you always want to be connected with the world or your job demands it from you? If yes, then purchasing tactical watch for yourself is the best decision you can make for yourself.

It not only helps you keep track of all your basic health related conditions but also keeps you connected with your friends and family.

Product Warranty

As mentioned above, tactical watches use state-of-the-art technology and work very efficiently. The product comes with a warranty that last for a significant duration of time and the battery has a 33 months long life. The seller takes full responsibility for any repairs and exchanges that happen during warranty time. If your product is not functioning the way it was advertised, then you can file a claim and get it exchanged or repaired.

Tactical watches offer a 30 days, money back guarantee on their products. So you can test it out for 30 days and if you are not satisfied then you can return the product and get a full refund without extensive investigation. The process of returning the product is simple and convenient for the customers. This way, you can buy tactical watches from the site without any concerns about having to hold onto something that has wasted your money.

Product Pricing

No matter how good and efficient a product is, if the pricing is not reasonable then it can reduce a product’s worth drastically. One pack of tactical watches is available for 11,279,74 PKR and two packs of these watches can be bought for 19,278,79 PKR.

You can avail the offer best suited for your financial spending. The tactical watches sold on the site have a reasonable pricing compared to other sites and stores.

How to reach a decision?

Before buying any product, there are many things that a person should check before making his purchase. Tactical watches shop is the best online shop that offers you reasonable deals on their products but don’t take our word for it. Head on to the Internet and search for product reviews.

Different buyers who have used this product will guarantee that the product you are buying is exactly how it is advertised.

Payment Method & Placing your Order:

Placing an order for your own tactical watch is easy and convenient as one can do it online on their site. There are different payment methods available for customers as you can buy through your credit card, visa and debit card.

Secure Transaction:

People are often hesitant to make online transactions as the risk of being scammed online has increased drastically. The transaction on tactical watch shop is perfectly secured and you don’t need to worry about your credit cards’ information as well as your personal information being used for illegal purposes or thefts.

The site is SSL protected and certified meaning they do not take part in any illegal dealings as they are registered and approved by the concerned organizations and your information with them is completely safe.

How to see if a site is SSL protected?

To see if the site you are dealing is SSL protected or not, look at the URL bar also known as the search bar. If you are able to see a green lock beside the URL then it means the site is legit and SSL protected. Tactical watch shop completes this requirement and needless to say you can make your purchase without any worries.


Tactical watch can be considered another name for smartwatch as well as an improved version of it. If you want to be healthy and well-connected then buy your own tactical watch now!

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